Monday, February 08, 2010

Balls Boston ver.

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

After lots of wavering I decided to draw Kuma Chang cheerfully carrying a Boston bag wearing red socks of Boston Red Sox, the hometown baseball team on the balls for my Boston show!
(Also "♪" symbol implies it's where the famous Berklee College of Music is located)

(I love the one on top left best because he looks super happy (lol))

Boston bags was originally made for students to walk around tucking lots of heavy books in it. Browsing Wikipedia I found it saying " . . . because it is used habitually by the students of Boston University . . ." I thought it was named after the city which had lots of students.

You know, school textbooks in America (and probably in Europe too) are so huge and heavy . . . every class gives you textbooks that look like encylopedias. Even an outdoor brand backpack is no t enough to pack all those textbooks in, you gotta hold some in your hand.

I've always been jealous of small backs students in other junior or senior high were using when I was commuting to the international school by train . . . (also jealous of sailor suits, actually) Well I must admit you really bother the others if you have a crammed backpack with you in a packed train. (lol) My sincere apologies for the people using Inogashira-line and Shin Tamagawa-line.

Japanese textbooks are so small and light like that, would it be because they have different ones per semester? If so that's soooooooo smart of Japanese, I mean it's a very nice idea, no wonder why its culture is good at downsizing . . . On the other hand, could it be like small textbooks are made so that they don't get in the way in a packed train . . . ? OK I know packed trains didn't exist from such long ago (lol)

Or could it be like, western people were too blank-minded? Or is it supposed to be used for buliding up students' physique? Something like a training? Well in fact it provided me a very good exercise to run having that on my back every time I was about to be late . . . I think there was such a person in Japan who looked like that . . . the big boy reading a book having lots of books on his back . . . oh yes, that's Ninomiya Sontoku!!

I rushed to search his image and found out what he was having on his back was not books

but firewoods

So, that's all about the reason why university students in Boston were using big handbag.

I arrived in New York yesterday for the first time in a while, I say I'm so happy(´ω`)

I'm home~

It's so nice to breathe the air of the place where you were born, in the season you were born.