Friday, February 05, 2010

Autographed balls Chicago ver.

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Maybe it's not that popular in Japan but I bet most Americans know it!

"American Gothic" by Grant Wood

It is the drawing released in around 1930, which instantly became an icon for America. I drew Kuma Chang version of it.

I saw the real drawing of it in this huge museum called the Art Institute of Chicago where I spent most of the day right before the show! I drew it on the first ball, then realized the illustration this time would need to be in extraordinary detail . . . but I managed to finish all ! 12 ! balls!

Chicago show was yet again a huge success! It snowed in the morning, which gave a slight snow makeup to the city.

I say the interior artwork at the House of Blues was the cutest among all the HOB venues I've been to so far. It was kinda like a folk art. The show space there looked somewhat like a tiny cute fake operahouse, I found it very interesting.

Alright tomorrow I'll do the show in Boston.

I finally reached here ! US east coast ! !