Thursday, March 26, 2009


I wanna tell you about recent events around me but I'm too lazy to write all here~! (lol)

Maybe I could write a message in the airplane to Miami tomorrow.

Where to start, okay yesterday - no, was it two days before? Anyway my album has been released on iTunes US and it's come straight in around 2nd or 3rd of Pop chart! Isn't it awesome? The record company (Island Def Jam) was pretty surprised by this, which was funny (lol)

I did the in-store events (something like "you interact with your fans" kind of events) at this popular big US cosmetic stores in LA, then NY. The store in NY where I visited today, is facing the 5th street and hundreds of people were waiting around the store when I arrived there and it was insane! Like I've never made such a fuss even in Japan (lol)

It was like the state of "Yong-sama's coming to Japan" (lol)

There were far, far more people and excitement there than expected, which made the record company people surprised as well. Actually I myself was surprised too.

There were lots, lots of people who couldn't enter the store and they were flooding to the street, or rather mobbed . . . It was hard to get in and out of the store as our car was surrounded by the people, but we saw no serious troubles thanks to the help of NYPD! You know, NY is quite strict with this sort of situation and many events were cancelled.

Whew American fans are so intense that I was surprised! These recent promotional works make me realize how humble and quiet Japanese are (lol)

Oh, I've written quite a few things already.

Oh and one more thing, do you remember I wrote Gene Simmons of KISS was to come as a guest in the message I posted before I made an appearance in a morning news program (something like tabloid show in the morning in Japan) in LA the other day?

We waited for a long time and I was with him during that time in the same dressing room (lol) He was such a funny guy that all my band staff couldn't help but laugh out loud.

He knew Japanese words to flirt with girls. Well I was surprised when I met him and he said to me "Ohayo Gozaimasu Anatawa Uchikushii Desu (good morning, you are beautiful)" but anyway he was always cracking jokes and I was very much impressed.

We talked about some general things too. He said he hated the internet (lol) He said it's because there's bunch of illegal downloads of music everywhere which brings no money to musicians, which keeps newcomers starving and whatnot. He said he also didn't like blogs (lol)

It was such a surreal morning come to think of it . . .