Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kuma again!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

They're shouting "Kuma, Kuma" repeatedly on TV in the US!

(It's actually I-wa-ku-ma, though)

I'm watching the World Baseball Classic Championship with Korea and Japan on TV. Together with Kuma Chang and Pillow-san.

When you say "Iwakuma" in English pronunciation you stress the word on "ku," which makes the part "kuma" sound very remarkable (lol) I・AM・SO・EXCITED☆

Today I did this taping of a TV show from early in the morning, that taping of video comments for Asia region, also did interviews and such. Whew I worked a lot!

Tomorrow I'm to perform on a live news show in LA from even earlier in the morning than today. I heard Gene Simmons of KISS will appear in a different guest section within the same show. (lol)

Maybe I could sing Come Back To Me wearing KISS makeup

OK I'm just joking

'This game is so much fun isn't it, Kuma Chang! Do you know the rules of baseball?'

"Me   dun know   much   but   baseball is nice   they are saying   kuma kuma !"