Saturday, February 28, 2009


I heard there was an article in a magazine the other day that said I was almost living together with an ex-fashion model half-French, half-Japanese boy. (lol)

At first I was going just to ignore the article, cause it was a real "huh?" kind of poor one, saying things like I got a Porsche for him and such.

Weekly magazines contact us, the record company or artist's office in advance, when that sort of article is to be published. And for my case, Kaji-san of EMA is the person to respond.

So Kaji-san tell us later what it was like. For example this time, he told us by e-mail: "This magazine asked us 'We have this information that she is almost living together with this ex-fashion model, ex-classmate half-French, half-Japanese boy in an apartment in Minato-ku. Is that correct?', and I answered them 'We are not in the position to comment on artists' private life' as usual." All those kind of things.

Here I used my imagination. My staff have always answered "No comments" to them consistently, but what would I say if I were in the position to answer?

If I were Kaji-san, I'd say like

"Well, actually she is almost living together with ME"


"Oh a fashion model, again?!"

Something like that. (lol)

Ooh now I feel like saying that, seriously (lol)

Why don't you try to say something funny next time? (lol) > Kaji-san

The magazines often say I'm dating an actor who doesn't have anything to do with me (it could be a better case if I had met him once somewhere) or a fashion model guy, but really wonder from where those stories come from.

I've never dated fashion model boys, by the way. They're not my type, if you ask me . . .

I find it strange as well that, they rarely write much about the one I did date, "Geinoujin (artist)" or "Ippanjin (ordinary people - I find this name strange too)". That's another thing that makes me wonder.

Taking those my experiences into account I don't feel like believing so-called "rumors around Geinoujin" at all. Sure there could be some truths, but what scares me is that there are a lot of people taking everything on faith. Why are there so many people who just believe everything she/he saw on magazines and such? An article, means nothing but texts written by a person called reporter.

They believe media just too much (lol)