Monday, February 23, 2009

Light rain + ume apricot

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I've been busier than ever before for the past few months (;・`ω・´)

I've completed my English album, my lead single's video clip is almost wrapped up, and now I'm working on promotional activities! I 've done a lot of promotional works, like interviews, radio show appearances and such over the past few weeks. I'll continue to do that sort of work.

Also, I became the chief editor of two books to be released in Japan ("Ten" and "Sen") before I knew it, and there are more than 1000 pages in total so that makes you pretty busy to check all of them, plus as a matter of fact I'm doing the recording of my next Japanese single (main song and coupling one, 2 in total). It's like, all these things came at the same time.

Today I went to this place called Yoshinobaigou in Ōme to see ume apricots, for a change ! !

And I saw almost no blooms (lmao)

Plus I had light rain. It was very chilly too

Crows were screaming loud, in a strangely savage atmosphere

Nobody was there, which I liked a lot (lol)

That too savage atmosphere made me laugh. I laughed out so loud that I thought I might keep laughing to death (lol)

For some odd reason I just couldn't help but keep laughing. (lol)

The image above is the one I managed to take, as a shot of some subtle blossoms there (lol)