Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What music I'm listening to lately

I used to fall asleep listening to just one same album, every night for like 2 months when I was a kid. (When I think back, maybe I had time to listen to music with my headphones on only before I fell asleep when I was a kid)

I'm a type of person, who won't listen to any other music but the ones, once I fall in love with them!

Lately I only listen to James Brown, Chick Corea and Notorious B.I.G.


You say they are nothing alike and I'm too chameleonic?

In my view they definitely have something in common!

I love and listen to their Greatest Hits albums, and, my most favorite songs of them can raise my spirits up high above, through the earth's atmosphere the second I start playing them, in any situation.

Every time I listen to James Brown he always amazes me with his enthusiasm, with his body and soul. I so adore his power of domination. I just can't stop but dance. Yes he makes me dance.

Chick Corea is the chemistry of music, I can say. With the magic of keyboards. I mean that flow of tension, expansion of chords - it comes naturally into my mind probably because the piano is my "root" instrument. Also he seems to be a person with gentle nature, which is rare for pianists(lol), and that's what I love about him.

Notorious B.I.G. is the literature(lol) You'll understand the greatness of his voice if you just listen to his music. He always makes me think the cool rap music has a special kind of amusingness which is pretty hard to translate into other languages. I say, he's more like "poet" rather than "songwriter."

Lately I've been thinking my way of songwriting is a little like rapper's. It's not that I'm like a poet(lol), but I'm talking about the way I mix elements of humor into lyrics.