Sunday, November 23, 2008

Being myself

I've got this very informative email from a woman whose boyfriend is working at Shimadzu Corporation~!

From what she heard from him, it was an American research group that found the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance used for MRI, and it was also an American researcher who applied this principle to clinical medicine.

I can't help but feel I got old whenever I take much time to check this kind of things. (lol) I would've checked it on my own even through the night out of frustration if I were in senior high right now (lol)

By the way, you know, lately I'm talking about things like health or care of body and mind.

The reason why I said "I wanna take care of myself well enough to keep me as I am" in the message "My feelings" is . . .

I'm wondering what "healthy condition" is exactly like.

I don't know. What "normal" is. What "ordinary," "healthy" mean. What "abnormal," "unhealthy" are like.

In my view I think disease and disability can be viewed as one's personality . . . to some extent.

Not as something "abnormal."

I think this way probably because I grew up with my blind grandma when I was a kid; had contact with a fan who suffered from an incurable disease at a young age(every day my heart goes out to those who overcame their disease as well as those who passed away); have this person suffering from mental disease in my kin; had suffered from a disease myself in the past.

To make an environment that one can live as is. That's the important thing.

I'm sure it will make you very happy if people around you, first of all, try to understand and accept you including your disease or disability or whatever. I have this feeling that the process of "cure" starts with your accepting yourself.

I hope this world will be more humane!