Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve morning

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

New Year's Eve is already here - !

Yay to New Year's Eve ! !

Guys how's everything going with you?

Some would be busy, others chilling out, cleaning their room, or just exhausted after a bunch of year-end parties, whatnot. Everyone would be spending their own time in various kinds of ways I guess.

So what am I doing . . . ? I'm taking a little break from work, meeting friends, doodling, or doing some shopping. That's about it.

I did some cooking at home with my friend the other day, for the first time in ages!

I just wrote "with my friend," but I was in a position of something like an operation assistant, handing her what she needed, like "Peeler" "Yes!" "Consomme" "Here it is!", cleaning up the garbage, or doing all other supportive things, so it was almost only my friend who actually did the cooking. Do you see any problems? (. _ .)

I really wished if I were born as a boy, when I went to the supermarket store together with the girl, and was asked "What do you like to have ~?" (lol)

She smoothly put the food stuff in the basket making on-the-spot decisions, not following the procedure like checking recipes and making a note of what to buy.

She rocks (; .V.)

She's so cool (; .V.)

(Gotta learn a lot from her (; .V.))

So, the dinner dishes of the day were the simmered ?or steamed? (I can't even tell which) pumpkin, potato and pork; bouillabaisse-ish soup of shrimp and crab; salad of tomato and mozzarella.

We cleared all our plates, once again super-praising ourselves like "This tastes soooooooo good!" "Mmmmmmm!!! Couldn't be better!" "Awww! Yum yum!" "How come this crab soup tastes this good!?" "A genius!" "You deserves the presidency!"

The super-good balsamic vinegar that my staff people gave me as the gift for the 9th anniversary of my debut, tasted so good, that it almost killed us(this has nothing to do with the cooking skill thing (lol))

Maybe next time I'll give it a try if I can cool them by myself . . .
((((  ;*m*))) *trembles* It scares me so much just to imagine what an unknown substance is going to be made

As an after-dinner exercise we watched the DVD of Gottsu A Kanji.

It gave us 5-year equivalent laughter.