Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Twilight Kuma Chang

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yes that's right. As wrote in the latest English message, I've been having meetings with the record company (Universal) folks over here in New York, discussing this and that about the next English language album.

Kuma Chang comes with me when I go to NY.

"That big Kuma Chang . . . You definitely can't bring him with you on board as a carry-on luggage, can you? How come you brought him . . . ?" I got a bunch of emails asking this! (lol)

Please let me bring him on board as a carry-on luggage, I swear I'll hug him close all the time!!! (weep) - I wished I could beg for mercy like that, but it seems like there's no way, to bring this huge sized guy with me on board.

So, I put Kuma Chang into the XL-size bag and send him as a checked baggage, getting my heart torn apart, every time I go to NY . . .

You often hear such stories like "Jewels in the checked baggage stolen," "Baggage sent to the wrong destination country by mistake" and such, so I'm always filled with worry, can't sit still even for a moment, and keep being worried like "Aww what if something happened to Kuma Chang!? What if he got stolen!? What if he was sent to Switzerland or Iran or Brazil etc. by mistake!?" until I get off the plane and receive the bag Kuma Chang is put in.

(Actually I almost always fall asleep before the takeoff when I board the plane)

After that comes, of course, the impressive moment of reunion! I give Kuma Chang big cuddles and rubs until he gets warm after I take him out of the bag, since he gets cool in the cold plane.

Aww, Kuma Chang, I'm sorry for having kept you in the cold and dark place, for 14 hours

(T o T) I'm sorry Kuma Chang

You would've been tired by the long journey!!

So, that's about it.

I wish I could give him his own passport, and book a seat for him(;_; )