Sunday, September 02, 2007

September is already here!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Say, "EVANGELION:1.0" has been released! (I heard it's been quite well received!)

September is already here~

Time goes so quickly~

I finished the 1st week of M-Ste, and CDTV already went on the air.

Whether I go to heaven or hell when singing in M-Ste, is always up to if I can switch myself to singer-mode instantly or not, and this time I failed to switch and couldn't sing well though it was the only chance to sing Kiss & Cry on TV this time(;_; )*weep* I feel I'm miserable(;_; )

I hope I can do "the switching" well next week. Gotta raise my batting average(._.*)

By the way regarding this panel, the reason why I drew Dou-san in a bunny outfit is . . . well there's a certain reason actually. When I was chatting with her in a meeting about this and that I told her that I saw her putting fake bunny ears on in a late show.

What if a fine and neat woman like Dou-san got dressed in a bunny outfit . . . Oh OMG(*experiences nosebleed*) - I drew that picture imagining things like that. (Am I Kame-Sennin or what . . . )

But you know! Lemme tell you ! !

I thought I wrapped up the picture with a taste of politeness and quite satisfied with the results.

. . . But ! ! !

You know what, Mr. I, the hair makeup guy, added a cleavage line to the picture without my permission, after I returned home . . . !

Dammit~! How come he did this to my lovely Mariko, that pervert man~!
o(- . - o) Ponpon! . . . How disgraceful!

On top of that I heard he went home quite satisfied, with a very happy expression in his face. (reported by Murakami-san of my office)

These are the excuses for my half-regarded-as-sexual-harassment picture.

Alright, HEY!HEY!HEY! will go on the air tomorrow! Am I gonna watch it myself . . . or maybe I'm too shy to watch it . . . hmm . . .