Tuesday, September 18, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Guys who thought you'd seen the first image of Kuma Chang sitting in front of the console board before!

That's right, that's the image used in "Profile" of UTADA UNITED BLOG that I'd been doing during the tour last year. I've always wanted to show it to all of you in a bigger size someday, as it was used in a quite tiny size(You say I'm just re-using it? No no, it's not that . . . (lol))

And this humorous image of me holding a pencil between my nose and upper lip, is the one use as my profile photo at that time. Taken in a corner of the studio.

You often find the girls striking a pose like this in those a little older mangas, huh? One of those typical poses, I should say. I did it, since I have never seen someone in this pose for real . . .

Balancing the pencil, while thinking something cupping your chin in your hand at the same time . . . man this is fairly hard to do. Could be easier, if it's okay to put on a very stern face not caring about others' eyes at all. I have never seen someone doing this in the classrooms.

Well actually you don't have to do it though.

In the meantime. Some time in the last week, a magazine said things like "Utada Hikaru, dating in karaoke till 5 in the morning with a hot model guy" in the banner headline, which made me quite surprised.
I thought about if I really did such a thing like that lately but had no clue, so I took a look at 2chan to get some more details! (lol) It's quite informative when you wanna know things like that (lol)

I did find things about the article there, which made me "Oh~! Yes I got it! So it's about that thing at that time!" and set my mind back!

It's just, I was drinking in a private room together with a female friend of mine, and later her boyfriend joined us. That's just about it.

I don't know why but the article said things like I called the younger model guy to the private room and cuddled up in there till the morning.

Younger (lol)

Model (lol)

Hawt (lol)

. . . That goes contrary to my type (lol)

Anywayz, apparently it is obvious that the stuff people of that place told those things in the interview(._.*)That's a sad thing, I paid a large fee to secure that private room, for the sake of what. That happens a lot actually, the clerk people often accepts the interview. I'll never visit the places like that again! Ponpon! I should say!

Also, I have no idea from which source this came out, but seems like there's such a story like I was spotted together with Fujiwara Tatsuya san, the actor.

This is a totally groundless gossip, and I haven't even met him before . . . There's a possibility though, that he was dating with someone that looked like me! (someone, like Miracle Hikaru san)

It seems like, I've been kinda targeted, since lately I'm often dogged by some media cars on the way back form work, or staked out around my house. That's unusual. Maybe they're thinking something could happen around me as it's been half a year since I got divorced, I guess?

Karasawa-san told me "You better watch out, they've been hungry for some juicy gossips lately~" (lol)

Well, lately I haven't done anything that could get me in trouble if paparazzied, but I'll be careful anywayz . . .