Thursday, July 19, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Please look at "H" and "J" on the keyboard.

They say "く(KU)" and "ま(MA)"*

I got such a wonderful email. (Thanx Ayu-san!)

I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier!

Indeed! They say "KUMA"! I feel happy!

But I'm not yet satisfied enough. There may be more words on the keyboard that contain "KUMA" . . . having this assumption I looked at the keyboard. Harder. Even harder. With intense concentration.

. . .

Then ! ! ! I found one!

On a line, just as it is, it says:

く ま の り れ-

Which means KUMA NO RIREI(Kuma's relay race) ! !

I was thrilled by imagining Kuma's athletic festival! I almost had a nosebleed by imagining Kuma Chang "the terrible athlete" running desperately holding the baton in his hand ! ! Someone who decided the allocation of Hiragana on the keyboard, must be a genius! (T o T)

I was switched on. I kept searching!

Then! I found another one ! !

く ま
   も ね る

This is what it says ! ! KUMA MO NERU(Kuma sleeps too) ! !

Quite so! No wonder Kuma sleeps too!

I had a feeling there could be more, so kept searching further, frantically!

. . . .

Or maybe there wouldn't be any more ?

The moment I started thinking like that, I found one!

   に ら
く ま   り

. . . KUMA NI RARIRU(freaked out by Kuma)!

Woot! Sounds great! Is this about me who loves Kuma Chang just too much and getting sick in the head?!

Me: "Kuma . . . hehe, Ku, Kuma . . . hehehe . . . hihihi, Kuma . . ."

Ahem. Pardon my embarrassing behavior. (What am I doing in the middle of the night . . .)

By the way, those keys on the far upper left of the keyboard -

ぬ ふ

- I think these kick a__ too.