Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tobiuo-san, sorry and thank you

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This is Tobikko, which I loved so much when I was a kid ! ! ! (I'll write it as "Tobiko" from here since it seems like "Tobikko" is a registered trademark, but in my mind I still call it "Tobikko")

I've never had a chance to eat it over the past dozen years or so although I loved it best among all the sushi items. I haven't seen it in sushi restaurants; couldn't find its name on the menus either. Sometimes I asked "You wouldn't happen to have Tobiko, would you . . . "(-asks timidly) but always got this answer: "No, ma'am."

Has Tobiko been a rare fish? Has the number of sushi restaurants having Tobiko been getting fewer lately ? I feel like I've eaten it a lot when I was a child . . . I thought about things like that, and then . . .

My friend: "Huh? Tobiko?? So you like Tobiko?? Then why don't you just go visit sushi-go-round restaurants?"

('o' )

Wwwhhhaaattt ! ! ! ! ! !
Are you serious ! ! ! ! !

"Oh, but I say a little slicker sushi-go-round restaurants may not have it"

Huh? What does it mean?

"I bet you can't have it in those higher-priced sushi restaurants. 'Cause it's considered as a bit different type of fish. It's somewhat off the standard sushi items, just like Tuna-and-Mayonase if I name it?"

EEEhhhhh ! ! ! ! ! Why ! How come! Tobiko tastes good! I mean, it's not off the standard!
That can't be true . . . Oh My God!

Although my mind was still in confusion by the astounding revelation, I went out straight to a sushi-go-round restaurant since my body was honest(what?)!

Come to think of it, it was the second time in my life that I went in the sushi-go-round restaurant; first time in 17 years. Did I succeed in grasping the Tobiko dish in my hand, after overcoming the too long 17 years absence? Gotta be cautious. Went through a warm-up first with Natto roll. *munch munch*

Say, I see no Tobiko dishes coming up ! ! (lol)
Seems like no one's ordered it! (lol)

I had no choice but order it myself, "Er, excuse me! I'll have one Engawa and . . . one Tobiko!" For some reason I needed to repeat only Tobiko order. Why . . .

Some moments later Engawa came along. Which was for my friend. I could see nothing but Tobiko right now. Is my Tobiko ready yet?

I waited and waited but Tobiko didn't come along ! ! (lol)
It's completely forgotten. My Tobiko . . . What a poor thing!

I had no choice but re-order it: "Er, excuse me ! I'll have one Hamachi, and . . . I ordered Tobiko some time ago and I'm still waiting for it . . . " For some reason I again needed to repeat only Tobiko order. Why . . .

Some moments later Hamachi came along.

Then, at last ! Tobiko came along ----- ! ! ! !

Yummy! *munch munch* It's so yummy~! It tastes granular~! I finally realized my longstanding hope! I regret nothing in my life for now! Ooohh! Ariel-! (T 0 T )

By the way this restaurant's menu was a well-organized one, listing same sort of items in the same rows, but as my friend said, Tobiko was in the same row with Tuna-and-Mayonase roll, thingamajig salad roll and all those a little strange ones. Why~.

Ikura? Is it because of Ikura??? Is it because of the resemblance to Ikura? Oh yeah, you just can't beat Ikura~. It's got large pearls, bright colors, and in high favor among both children and adults. Tobiko, beaten more than needs because of its resemblance to the powerful enemy, A poor Tobiko . . . (T o T)

Tobiko, like garnets existing quietly behind rubies . . . Tobiko, like a male idol group that finds it hard to be active in the frontlines of show business behind popular groups of Johnny's . . .

Utada Hikaru supports Tobiko!

Maybe I'll go to eat it again soon*(*^-^)