Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gentle-looking person

I think many people are shocked to learn of Sakai Izumi san's death at the moment, and I'm also one of them.

For me ZARD is synonymous with "Good J-POP."

I talk like this, "I think I wanna bring this song to, how can I say, the plain direction that has a feeling of good J-POP, especially this part. I like the feeling of 90's J-POP, like you know, ZARD . . . " when I work in the studio.

Diseases are scary, but the thing is you can never tell when you're involved in a sudden accident.

We've got to watch out for what we could avoid if we do watch out for(like undergoing some tests), then we wanna enjoy life to the fullest, right.

Sakai-san looked very gentle, beautiful. She could have made more good songs in the future. What a pity.

May her soul rest in peace.

I heard Kaji-san of Toshiba EMI read my message dated 27, got worried and called Miyake-san telling "Hikaru wrote something like she won't write new songs any more, is she doing all right?"! (This is what Miyake-san himself told me today, smiling)

No that's not it at all ! ! ! (lol)

That's an extreme-logic story. To put it bluntly, what I really wanted to tell you, was my fairly-harsh inner feelings, which sometimes come out of my thoughts like "Huh? Why is the song like this coming out?" or "How come such a person make a debut?" You know music is everywhere, flooding. I think it could be screened more carefully.

I didn't write that way 'cause people would think something like "Oooh, She's so above herself~" "Sounds so bossy, who does she think she is?" but I don't care anyway, now for it.

That's what I think as a listener.

I say music would naturally be screened, or should I better say "selected" and narrowed down so that you could find some real good ones, if the slow sales of music industry is continuously hovering around in the way it's doing right now.

Also, I'm wondering if I should've made a better explanation on my comment "I wouldn't say I love my own songs very much." How can I say this, you know, those songs are me. Completely me myself.

You may love someone, but you can't be in love with yourself, right?

"I wouldn't say I love my own songs very much," is like the same thing, as the fact that you just can't think "you wanna be with yourself!" or "you wanna see yourself more!" "you love yourself!!" . . .

When I was in my early teens, I really hated to listen to the recorded voice of my own~. It felt kinda strange. (lol) I believe everyone thinks the same way, when you record and listen to your own song. Now I'm not too unhappy about it any more, but still I don't get people saying I have a "good voice." It always makes me think "Are you serious~??"

In my childhood, my friend's father (a famous enka-singer) told me "You have an ear-piercing voice, hard to hear~," which made me all shook up, so I always thought my voice sounded ear-piercing, hard to hear. (lol)

So I'm so happy whenever people tell me they like my voice.

This message got kinda longer than I planned.

Let's go make some coffee.