Wednesday, May 02, 2007

About 20 years after?

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Look she's grown up a lot~.

I took this one in the best-lighted area of my home since people always point out that my images are very dark.

It does look quite well-lit. Maybe too bright? Aww I have no idea. What's the standard~. But at least now I realized how dark my past own pictures looked !! I'll be more careful from now on !

Well then. Please draw your attention to this DVD~!! It's Disney-san's The Little Mermaid!

It was released in 1989 in America, and it seems like the 6-year-old me thought "This is it ! ! !" and got hooked on the little mermaid in sleep or wake for a while. As I have this habit of keeping drawing exactly the same thing for a couple of months when I go nuts over something, and at this time I drew heaps of pictures of Ariel sitting on a rock~. (Before that one I drew Nippontsuru. Maybe I loved its having a red part only on the top of its head.)

What thrilled me much was the sense of color rather than the story, and on top of that, I really really really really loved the title tune "A Part Of Your World" more than anything else ! !

When I hum a tune this is the song that comes up even now. I had a huge huge crush on its melody, lyrics and everything. So this is what's called "yearning" - I don't if I thought that way, but anyway it was such an eureka moment to me.

A while ago I found this DVD at a convenience store, which brought back my memories, so I bought it, went back home and watched it while taking a bath. I dropped tears into the bathtub at the scene that Ariel sang the title tune ! I was in the state of "OMG my eyes are watering so I can't see the tiny screen of my waterproof DVD player well !".

And you know, after that, no matter how many times I watch the DVD I always start crying in that scene. I guess her way of singing would be pretty good. Her skill to control waves of vocal inflection is just amazing. I mimicked and practiced her singing thousand times. Oh, I just remembered I have the sheet music also.

I watched the Japanese-dubbed version for the first time and got shocked to find that the singing was fairly plain. I have no idea if it is because of the interpretation of either voice actor san or staff people, but anyways I'm disappointed with it a bit since I cannot feel the vibe of building up excitement which the original version has ! I'd say it is quite rare I review someone else's song, but please allow me to comment on this single one ! I'm just an another snappy fan !

It's the song of my soul . . . I thought back to the lyrics of this song when I became famous and unable to go out casually. The part of the lyrics that Ariel shows longing for walking on the ground. Ooohh! Ariel - ! ! !   (T 0 T )

I'm not good with seawater, by the way . . .