Sunday, April 22, 2007

Late April

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The early summer weather is suddenly here in Tokyo!
A couple of days ago the temperature was in mid February level which was fairly cold!
Extreme weather is here~

"You know lately the temperature swings pretty wildly in a day, so you have no idea of what to wear to go out~" That's what a friend of mine said. I kept quiet like " . . . ", then my friend went "Oh yeah, don't mind it, I bet you don't care about that kind of thing much, 'cause Hikaru would be staying at home most of the time, right?"

Bingo~ (*^o^*)

Over the past week I've been pretty much hooked on "Torneko no Daibouken" which I started playing recommended by a friend of mine, and I've been struggling in the mysterious dungeons every night till the morning. My Su-fami, is a used one. The game gets frozen whenever I give even a small shock to him by mistake. He's such a cute little guy . . .

What a great! and interesting game this is! I've been so into one single game for the first time ever since I was hooked on Tetris!! Big kudos to my friend who recommended this game to me!

We hear a lot about Wii, PS3, DS and stuff like that in the media lately, but I say Su-fami is the best .:*:.(*^-^)

Toruneko no Daibouken is the best, featuring a fat old guy as the main character.:*:.(*^-^)