Thursday, August 10, 2006

A sequel to "My addiction"

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I got this "ooiri"bukuro ("full-house bonus" bag) right before the show! A LOTO6 ticket is in it! I heard the winning numbers will be announced tomorrow, well actually today! *gets excited* I hope I can win*

This is about what I wrote a while ago, but the message titled "My addiction" I wrote in June . . . to be honest, I got great responses to it!!

"Same here, same here!!"
"Me too, Me too!" - those voices came from across the country . . . !

A lot of people sent me emails of sympathy for my confession telling "sometimes there is this moment of 'massive explosion of my mysterious anger-like, love-like emotion' for me when I hold the pillow so hard that I almost squash it up."

('o' )Guys, are you serious?! Damn it, you make me feel like setting up "The Pillow Club"!

Seems like many people thought it was just them who felt that way~. Which I can relate to, because you seldom talk about your love for pillows with your colleagues or friends. (lol)

I wonder how common this phenomenon could be? I'm kinda curious about it.

Without my pillow I've never experienced that feeling that I have when I feel the pillow to my face, clutching it tight, quavering. Would be fun if there was any medical term defining it as some sort of a distinctive psychologic phenomenon. Something like "pillow seizure," for example. (lol) (I guess it couldn't be . . . )

You're a very profound thing, Pillow-san . . .
I love you . . . ! |(^-^)/ *snuggles*

These days I think I'm so happy just because I can rest my head into my soft pillow every night*

Whew, two days in Nagoya were full of excitement. I worked very hard! I sang as if I were squeezing something out of my soul. Woot! (-I wrote like this but actually, while typing these words right now I am wasted like a cicada's shell)

Good night(^-^ ).o0