Monday, August 07, 2006

Niigata story

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"What is it"

'I heard it's Sasamochi(bamboo ricecake)!'

"Omochi? It looks kinda hard and dry"

'No no, first you take these hard leaves away and then you'll find soft omochi inside.'

"Me say complex structures it has Hikaru-chan"

That's what we were talking about at backstage before the show on Day One in Niigata. Everyone was in a sorta relaxed, chill-out mood. Was it because the staff was getting tired? Or because of the regional chill-out mood? Or because of more hotness in August?

But when the show started and I went on to the stage, oh my God.

The audience of Niigata was unexpectedly amazing!! They were all too hot, though I hadn't had any particular image of them like that before~! What the heck was that!

Things went like that. Which I enjoyed very much.

I loved rice and salmon of the breakfast I had after I returned the hotel and slept and woke up!
Yes that's right, lately I've been having Japanese-style breakfast only.

(*^o^*) Hurray for Japanese-style breakfast!

On Day Two, the temperature inside the venue was even higher than Day One, and I sweated all over, which made me wonder at the structure of my own body and think "This can't be true!". I've never sweated that much in my whole life. The excitement of the audience was so strong too* Which I enjoyed very much! (What a rough impression this is, if I say so myself . . . )

I loved salmon of Makuno-uchi bento I had in Shinkansen after I returned the hotel and had a shower and headed to the station! Niigata salmons, you are the best! Sorry for eating you! Your energy made me work a lot harder!

(*^o^*) Hurray for salmons!

(I have this feeling that I talked about Niigata salmons rather than Niigata shows)