Thursday, June 29, 2006

How many more nights till . . .

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'm happy being surrounded by natto! Yaaaay!
(*^o^*) *chuckles to myself*

(Don't ask me if I can eat up all of them until the expiry date)

Well, time flies really fast as it's only 2 days to go until the first day of the tour!
I wonder what the first day will be like! *gets excited**heart skips a beat**feels nervous*

I did a rehearsal at Makuhari Messe last Friday, and then and not till then did I stand on the stage there. Over the past month I've done rehearsals in the rehearsal studio looking at me and my band in the mirror, but things are different when you're on the stage! It feels different, I mean! I dressed in costume too. I did the show in front of only five or so of the audience.

And the next day, I did a public rehearsal in front of a venueful of the audience. That's what you call GeneralProbe. I did it as a real show.

I was surprised to find a lot of related articles the next morning, as I thought the audience was of the record company people and their family members only. So media people were there too! I didn't know that . . . (;^_^A;) Good I could pull it off . . .

There were a lot of audience members who weren't a fan of me at all, and they were industry insiders too, so at first the audience was kinda cool and stiff in the tension-filled "public rehearsal," but you know, I just didn't care about it! (lol) I, who've had the chance to sing in front of a lot of people in ages, instantly entered the mode of "Alright I'm gonna give it my best shot! Just sit by and watch me you smugs~('o'))*

They were all cooking at the end, which made me very happy. They were all like, the audience of the real normal live show~!
You can tell them how you feel if you put your mind to it, huh*
(*- . -*) Hehe.

Also I was happy to find lots of kids there! That's part of what's good about GeneralProbe.

I got to know problems and things to be improved, so I learned a lot from the show!
The day one is coming up! I'll do my best, day by day*