Saturday, June 17, 2006

Got the No.1 position!!

In being quick at running away, I mean(lol)

You know when you go on M-ste, the show staff people line up at the exit of the TV station and send you off after the show! They take a box of M-ste tissues (very popular souvenir, as you'd know!) from a pile on the table and hand it to you with the words "It was a good performance!"~.

It seems like I always run off the TV show or shooting sets(which I thought myself it was just normal), and yesterday like any other day, right after the show was over and I returned the dressing room, I put on my plain clothes, took my bag, checked if I left anything and went straight out of the room - hearing stylist-san saying "Huh?! You're so quick!!" in surprise at the back.

Then I went down in the TV station's elevator, and when I came to the auto door at the exit! Some staff who were preparing the tissues panicked at the sight of me! "Oh, er, the others are not here yet . . . !!" With those words they gave me a M-ste tissue box apologetically.

No wonder. Because it was 2 minutes past 9pm. I, one of the performers, came out first before any main production staff people, so that's why they were surprised . . .

I've never been that quick before! Now I realized I run off to home very quickly. (lol)

Being good at scissors skills and quick at running away have been what I could only be proud of from my childhood, and it seems I'm still quick at running away at the age of 23*

It felt like I came first in a race . . . !
Or like I became Kaze no Matasaburou (Matasaburou the Wind Boy) . . . !
I came home feeling great, humming.
(*^o^*)High five!