Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Zoo, found right in the middle of Shibuya

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I just came from SONY PLAZA in Shibuya109 on my way back from work! It's been 6 or 7 years since I last went there, if I'm not mistaken!

It took a little courage to fling me-in-jeans-and-sneakers-and-men's-sweater into 109, the heart of hip and young Shibuya, but I enjoyed it quite a bit~! I've got a flood of things which are almost spilling out of the shopping cart~! Ma'am, do you hear me~!

Here they are! So many toys! (*^o^*)

So you just said toys!? (lol)

2 water guns that you can play with in the bathroom, a red whale (with a baby whale), a toy turntable that you can play with in the studio, a pseudo-planetarium machine to light up your room at night, a cute honeybee-nailclipper and centipede-scissors for kids, a furry-furry flamingo pen(looks quite hard to use), some Barbapapa-shaped geeky stuff(impulsive buy, no idea what they are)! Just look at them!

These are like some *rewards* to myself if I call it in a OL(female office worker) style, as I've turned a corner on the studio works today. Hehehe(Ghehe(^m^))

It's like . . . I also found a whole bunch of cosmetics, manicure stuff and beauty goods out there(or rather should I say, the most part of the sales floor was dedicated for that kind of stuff), but those kind of things were giving off so much of a pinky girly starry aura that I couldn't reach out my hand to them . . .

I've been there a lot when I was a junior high school student though. It was such fun to go there for the first time in ages, which felt just like I went to a zoo~*

Aw, I don't mean the girls were like animals in the zoo! (lol)

There were tons of bright, violent colored shoes! bags! leopard-skin stuff on display that looked like some animals living only . . . what can I call it? the rainforest? . . . in the Amazonian watershed or Papua New Guinea.

I also got excited with some very provocative clothes(which make you imagine some talks like "Hey Akiko! Where are you going dressed like that?""Shut up you dork!").

It was whole lotta "Wow! This bra is hot! Er, huh?? You mean this isn't an underwear?? A cloth?! This is made of very few fabrics isn't it?! Whoa~these pants look so warm and cute! Huh?? It's short-pants? Far from 'short'! (-o-)" all the time.
. . . 109 is full of excitement*

Phew~! It was jolly and I had big fun. I sorta felt dizzy, surrounded on all four sides by colorful things just like birds of paradise. It was like a "flood of life!!", I could say.

Tonight I'll go to bed surrounded by a heap of toys!