Friday, May 05, 2006

This day, a day spent leaving it as it is

Yesterday, I asked my staff K-san to buy 1 piece of something called miniSD card for me*

You know, it's the one that looks kinda like a 2cm-or-so width miniature floppy disk. My own alias name for it is "Licca-chan's Floppy"*(That sounds very sweet)

For the past few months I was thinking I really just had to get a SD card, along with feeling silly and dizzy by thought of going to a large electric goods store just to buy a piece of that tiny little thing.
Finally I got my very first SD card!!

Why didn't you ask it earlier x

Congratulations! o

I always sent the images taken by my ke-tai to my pc mail account each time when moving them to my computer. I realized myself that I'd been doing something that's much more of a bother than going to an electric goods store. Sure.

To throw off such a painful memory, I ripped open it! And thrust the shiny SD card into the drive on the side of my ke-tai!


. . . Huh? I felt something strange? ( ' - ' )

It's almost inside the ke-tai! Yaa!

. . .

Uh . . . an emergency came up.

It just wouldn't move at all even with all my might . . . I saw a part of the SD card sticking out a little bit . . . And it seemed like, the sticking-out part looked slanted . . . Just imagination, I guess . . .

Hmm. Putting any more load on my ke-tai leaving the slanted-card part unrepaired could be fatal . . .

I - I have no choice!! MISSION ABORT! MISSION ABORT!
Withdraw immediately! (;~_~)/

Sir, is this what's called a catch-22 situation? (-_-)

Why could I possibly be this decisive, when trying something for the first time plus handling a delicate part? (Kaasan Doushite~:sings: Aahhh~:sings:)

I also can't close the drive lid because the card is sticking out . . .

The lid opening at an angle of ca. 80 degrees, and edge of the poor SD card clearly abandoned in the middle of something. This day, a day being spent leaving it as it is.

Gotta use it hiding "the dangerous zone" in my hand in the meantime, as someone would say "Hikaru-chan, something is sticking out of your ke-tai" if he/she saw this . . .

Umm what am I supposed to do for . . . this . . . (T_T)