Friday, May 12, 2006

The day katsu becomes a staple food

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

O-san of SONY MUSIC PUBLISHING just visited the studio, and kindly gave us an unbelievably great thing!!
Look at this super-premium katsu-sando!!! Overwhelmingly thick! Its massiveness is unbeatable by any other katsu-sando!

From the moment we took the lid off, we saw its divine form and let out exclamations of -
"Woooot!" ( 'O')
"Ohh . . .! What a . . . !" (@_@)

Then we did a "katsu-sando" photo session! (everyone took out their ke-tai and started to take photos of katsu-sando surrounded by us) (how silly human being could be)

On top of that, we got three packs of it.

I wonder how much a pack would cost? x

Does this mean that things are going well at SONY-san? x

Thank you so much, O-san! o

This katsu-sando defies the common sense of "katsu/bread" ratio. Bravo!

I've never seen such an aggressive katsu like this!
You are already a staple food! * katsu
To those who say it isn't, bring it on!

" . . . Man, it looks creepy. (:mutter:)" My dad is a bastard, who mumbled like this! I don't think you are creepy! * katsu
(I haven't eaten it yet, though)

I would like to create out-of-the-box works, and live a wonderful life too.

What katsu taught me . . . is . . . .:*:.( ^-^)