Monday, April 03, 2006

Supplement to the pic I up!loaded on April 1st

Actually, I didn't even explain the pic at all, let alone supplement it.

When was it taken~? Well as you see, that's me @ the batting cage. I'm surprised myself how frumpy or silly I can look in the photo. You know, I'm just holding a bat. (-_-;)

Is it because I was wearing the terrible-athlete type of glasses? Or was it bad that the helmet prepared was not my size? But that was the only one I could find~!

(/-o-)/ Jesus that's HUGE! And I have no idea how dirty the guy that wore the helmet just before me could be! With that thought, I put on the helmet for fear of getting hit by a pitch or something. (I'm such a chicken when it comes to things like this . . . ) For everyone: please do attempt this*

That said, I think neither the fine young couple next to me nor parent and child in the back of the photo wore a helmet . . . so I was the only one fully equipped. In fact, the girl of the couple was in boots with chic heels! Something is wrong! Or rather, it's dangerous!

I may be here today well and sound because of that helmet, you know . . .

No, the ball didn't hit my head.

By the way, that was the roof of the bowling alley in Yebisu, facing the slope of a back road or something. It was last month, if I remember right.

I sent some hits, thanks to a friend of mine who taught me the batting stance and whatnot before. (-o-) Heheheheh

But the first pitch hit my left hand, which hurt me so badly . . . (was that a low and inside pitch?)

The lesson of the day: helmets cannot protect your hands!

All I do every day is study (/_;) :sniffs: