Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hand and foot Part 1

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday's update was like, kinda an update on my delayed update. Nothing more than that.


This image above. (sorry, it seems like the images here cannot be seen on ke-tai)

It's my left hand.
What is the black lacy thing that is loosely wound? - it's a bracelet-like thing that I recently bought. At first I thought it's goth-cute*, but after I got home I wore it and

('o'|||) My Gosh - it's too big, as you see! ! ! !

It almost looks like some Ninja goods!
It was supposed to look gothic. Really. Oh boy.

I often tell this in the interviews - I've always hated the smallness of my hands and feet! (the whole me is kinda small, though) Sometimes my friends call me "4th grade" even after I've grown up, which is about my hands and feet.

And this bracelet (this really is) - they had this size only. I know my hands are tiny , but wonder if it fits other people's. Every part of it, including the wrist part, is too big. :weep:

Er, no, I don't mean to nag about it! Or is this what's called nagging? (-_-;)

Because . . . ~continued to Part 2 (right below here)