Thursday, November 10, 2005

TV taping diary

I got loads of comments from the people who came to see the taping of my live performance for HeyHeyHey, which overwhelmed me~!
*weeps with joy*
Everyone who applied but couldn't come, please reapply next time! You may have another chance within this year . . . (*grins*)

The live performance part had a very good atmosphere and I really enjoyed it, but the taping of the talk part this time, I say it was the most enjoyable one I have ever taped for HeyHeyHey!
It could be partly because I was excited by Sada Masashi san's appearance~. *blushes* hehehe~.
I mean, I have a feeling that I'm always laughing my head off each time, but this time it really was full of loud laughing and though there was this part that I was sad and cried at the beginning, in the meantime I was crying with laughter.

I felt so good that I almost told them about my history as a DownTown fan. I'm still using jokes from "Gottsu"!! In my daily life! - I almost told them, but held back.
I was like humming "Nyanyanyanyanya~nyanyanya~nyanyanya~" or singing "Youkai Nin~gen!" while checking the microphone between the tapings of singing for "Our Music"! (with some dances.)

And yesterday was the taping of Bistro SMAP. I have almost no recollection of the last time (lol) - I might have been nervous because it was my first official appearance on a TV show. Or more like, I might have been all confused surrounded by strangers. I felt relaxed and had a great time yesterday, which was very nice, as I have often seen Nakai-san in Utaban also. Tasty dishes, genuine hospitality and handsome guys. Couldn't be better~. (I think I said the same kind of thing last time . . . )

Finally I'll be on M-ste tomorrow! And you know, yesterday I had this chance to greet Chemistry san who was to costar on M-ste, since we happened to be in the dressing room next to each other. They gave me their CD!
I should have brought some CDs too *dropping on my knees*

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Sada Masashi san" ... Masashi Sada, a Japanese singer/songwriter. (born: Apr. 10, 1952)
"Gottsu" ... "DownTown No Gottsu Ee Kanji(DownTown's Feelin' Good)," a weekly comedy show that Downtown had hosted in the past.
"Nyanyanya..." "Youkai Nin~gen" ... the lines that Mr. Matsumoto of DownTown was singing in the characters of the animations "Babil 2 Sei(Babil Junior)" and "Youkai Ningen Bemu(Mad Moster Bem)" in "Gottsu."
"M-ste" ... abbreviation of "Music Station."
"Chemistry san" ... Chemistry, a Japanese R&B duo.