Friday, May 06, 2005

A report I worry about a bit

I just came back from an XBox/MTV event with Kiriya-tan a little while ago.

Wahaha just joking! I never call him Kiriya-tan! As a matter of fact I usually call him "Kaz," but it looks kinda boring when written down. I just cannot but tweak and make things funny, even though I don't really need to . . .

It's not a joke that I went to the event, okay? The venue was a big club in LA and we saw The Killers' show, witnessed the debut of the brand-new XBox, ran into a friend - overall it was an enjoyable night.

I've brushed my teeth and washed my face; now I'm gonna give it a try to write some lyrics and hit the sack if I feel like giving up. That's about it. But there's just one thing I worry about and that's why I'm writing here now.

There were MTV crews from around the world, among the reporters on the red carpet.
Woahh! A guy in hakama stood in my way! Hakama Surprise! Hakama Surprise! (something told me to repeat it)

Yes, MTV Japan was there, too!
(So you say what's the problem? Well, uh, let's see . . . )

I talked to him and he turned out to be Teppei-san, a good young guy.

"Okay, then please shout 'XBox360' to the camera!" He asked me to do one-word advertising, as was usual in those kind of events. I agreed simply.
I . . .

Oh my, I'm in Nintendo commercials !!!
(' O ';)
(' O ';)
(' O ';) Am I a traitor now?!

Before you'd be surprised to see MTV Japan . . . I'm sorry, Nintendo-san!
(T_T) Errr I'm sorry for sneaking into that event . . . on top of that, I even did an advertisement . . . Aaahh!

I'm so sorry & good night