Saturday, March 19, 2005

The truth

There's no such things like "the Teeth-alignment Championship." I knew it.

My dad told me the truth.

It was

"the Healthy Teeth Contest"

in the 1st grade of junior high.

Haha, so that was it, sorry for making up such a championship that doesn't exist.
Yeah that's right, it was "the Healthy Teeth Contest" . . . yes . . .
Um . . .

Th, t h e H e a l t h y T e e t h C o n t e s t ??!
If I were Yoshinaga-san of "Boku no mita chitsujo."(a photos and diary site), here I'd cross off the words DA I KO U HU N*!

The sense of naming that contest, is not much different from of naming "the Teeth-alignment Championship," is it? (Is it just me?)

Aw, while typing "the Healthy Teeth Contest" again and again I found myself at a loss and don't know well . . . what is right and what is wrong . . . nope that's not it!
Again, it's kinda,

I don't quite get it! (lol)

(My dad's teeth are very even)

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Boku no mita chitsujo." ... means "The order I saw."
"I'd cross off ... " ... at least DAIKOUHUN stands for "really excited." the word is found in Yoshinaga-san's post dated Mar.17, but it's just quite random thing and hard to explain the feeling.