Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Thank God it was just a dream

The due date is now added to the (website's) renewal notice! 8th, it's the 8th. Heh-heh, I'm looking forward to it(Tanoshimi da wa).

Oh no, using "~yo" or "~wa" at the end of the words doesn't go with me . . . I mean, I just wanted to see it myself how incompatible I would feel if I used it. (lol) It's sort of weird. But wait a minute! Probably it's rare to see the people who can manage that way of speaking, isn't it?? We often find it in the subtitles of movies or something, though.

I wonder who would be the best person to ask the translation of English lyrics into Japanese this time. Doing it myself will be the best as a result, but the pressure would change if you were going to evaluate it as "lyrics." I mean, I can convey its meaning properly but it's too hard to make the lyrics something that can be considered as good on sight, and it's likely I would keep up myself too much as Utada Hikaru even if I translated it in a businesslike way. Hmm, I may try it if I have time . . . that's part of what I've been thinking of lately. It's about time to decide.

By the way, at first the renewal date of this site was supposed to be the 1st! But we changed it to the 8th as we realized that the 8th would meet the condition better and we'd be all set to reopen by that day as well. However!! I've just accessed this site some time ago and found the photo at the top page has already changed though we've fixed the due date on the 8th!! Besides it's a weird photo! Way too weird! I don't remember approving it! I haven't taken it first of all! What's going on!
. . . I saw a dream like that, getting worried.

Thank God it was just a *dream* It's wonderful cause I somehow felt very good!