Monday, January 13, 2003

It's not . . . a TV phone.

I've talked to a friend of mine on the phone til some time ago who was staying up late as I was, and while talking I heard words like "Oh Hikaru you're on TV again !" 8 times or more !

I wondered what's going on and then found snipbits of {COLORS} PV were aired in the news here and there, concerning my TV appearances from later this month.
So I heard like, I was often on TV while talking for an hour . . .
Is it like a TV phone, in a sense ? (lol)

I didn't imagine the announcement would be made such quickly, but yes that's right !
I'll appear on TV here and there !

Ah TV . . . actually I'm not good at it . . .
'Cause I don't know why but I feel like "It's small ! Cold ! What's this feeling !" every time I set foot in TV stations.
But I think this time I'll enjoy it best ever, since the more I appeared on TV the better I got to know the staffs & MCs and feel relieved.

I guess I'll be asked pointed questions so much(lol)
Two of Downtown, Mr. Ishibashi, probably Mr. Nakai will also ask them to me.
. . . or Mr. Tamori could go on the offensive most effectively(lol)

I've got much things to say and I wanna show you I'm fine ! !
I'll promote the song on full mode -- ! Yeaahhhh !

I'll do my best on TV like IKEIKE if my event "I'll be IKEIKE in my 20's !"(=title of UH live streaming) will be successfulstar

Ah ! My radio program will be aired today !
I'll talk about this, that and the other at full speed from the opening - !

Bye !

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Downtown" ... a comedy duo; MCs of HEY! HEY! HEY!
"Mr. Ishibashi and Mr. Nakai" ... Mr. Ishibashi is one of a comedy duo Tunnels; Mr. Nakai is a member of SMAP. They are doing MC of Utaban.
"Mr. Tamori" ... MC of Music Station.
"IKEIKE" ... apparently means something like "GO GO !!"