Sunday, December 08, 2002

A hint of my new song, etc.

Well ! Here's Utada, who has announced so many things at a sitting!

You know the jacket photo of my new single has been on my site ?
The characters of my handwriting are used for it - they are all directly scanned from my strictly-confidential 'production notebook.'

The obscure characters written on the right side, they are chord progress I wrote in my notebook during composition process !!

Some people noticed it and emailed me like 'I played those by guitar but didn't get it' - I think it's hard to grasp nuance of it by guitar.

To play it by keyboard and guitar are quite different, aren't they ?

Especially when it comes to the chords of '****** in ****** part' the difference is not so important for guitar while important for keyboard.

My origin is from classic piano after all and I compose songs by keyboard, so I recommend to play that chord progress by keyboard to those who wanna know what my new song sounds like.

This time my other handwriting memos, scribbles, etc. are printed on the reverse side of CD jacket and many other places . . . I'm glad I can show you those very personal things, which I wasn't going to show anyone ! Stay focused !

I feel sleepy - after a long time !

Good night !

(NOTE by Nuuk)
Sorry but I couldn't translate "****** in ******" part properly.