Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I meowed in Golden Alley

Oh my, this title sounds like a slut to me~!
But it's absolutely true that yesterday morning I meowed in Shinjuku's Golden Gai(Alley) where many parking lots and love-hotels stand close together! Hey what's wrong with you Hikaru, you're finally gonna be a wicked girl?? No, I was shooting photos of the posters, for my new album! It was not only the first time I was on location in the streets of Tokyo, but also the first time I ever actually met and worked with Mr. Daido Moriyama, who is such a great photographer that I cannot help asking myself, "Do I deserve to be taken by him?", so I was engaged in the shooting with great enthusiasm. Today I've got heavy muscular pain. . . it's because yesterday I had a hard day of waking up at past 6:00 in the morning for location and then photo shooting/interviewing for 2 magazines till night, but I really felt the photo shooting is collaboration and also a fight - this time in Mr. Moriyama's base, the streets!

A many years ago, when I stayed at my friend's cottage in the countryside I found and wondered about two raccoon dogs killing or fighting each other outside at midnight; the grown-ups explained to me the raccoon dogs were copulating, and I was impressed with it like "wow, for us it looks like they're fighting each other!". . . but now I thought of it again and realized - it was not that they looked like fighting; the two raccoon dogs, which were creating their junior together, were actually seriously fighting! You see, they were doing an amazing thing - "1 + 1 = 1", scientifically. It's just like, two persons with a strong personality scramble for a place and at the same time offer it each other, on the sole page called a photograph. I wonder if that's the relation between who takes photos and who is taken.

Pheeeeew I spent all my energies!! I'm so happy now. . . happy enough to forget about getting tanned. Actually I feel like I became handsome!!!(lol) I can hardly wait until the photos are developed---!!

Aghh I've gotta go now, I'll talk about this story and stuff again later!

Ah yes, HEY HEY HEY, have you already seen me on its preview?? That's so quick, when did I record that. . . two days ago? After that I did the last work for my album returning from the TV station to the studio! While recording the program I just couldn't control my tension properly 'cause I was worrying about "the last work" too much. You'll be surprised many times by what I say. Well, honestly I'd been discouraged recently, thinking like "I guess this time I can't do promoting well, maybe I could take a rest for a while?" - but when I was reading your mails drinking hot ginger water, I found many people telling me my TV/radio appearances in May would give them much energy for working throughout the month; and I realized those words gave me much energy to hold on to!!!!

Thank you - !!!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"love-hotel" ... sort of Japanese motel for couples or lovers.