Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Hey, come to think of it!

Did you see the shooting stars? (hey isn't it too late to talk about it? (lol))

I completely missed the whole thing - !! That night I was totally free, thinking like "let's rent a movie or something to see before going to sleep" and I was so into watching "The Seek for Red October" starring Sean Connery that I completely forgot about the stars!! It was not until I saw the young people enjoying countless arcs drawn by countless stars on the next morning's news that I realized I missed the shooting stars and regretted it very much!!! You know, I was watching "The Seek for Red October" out of all movies, "The Seek for Red October"! At least I'd say Sean Connery is too deep!! Ah, while I was gazing at Sean Connery's deeeep face, people were looking at the dreamy starry night sky . . .

I suppose it's OK! The shooting stars will fall again soon☆

. . . how many hundred years will it take - !!!

(by the way the movie was great fun . . .)