Monday, July 16, 2001

Once you make a promise you should keep it!

I'm back home from Yokohama!
Just a couple of hours ago I was on a live radio program of FM YOKOHAMA called "The Ranking" and I publicly pledged "to post a message here for sure for sure!" after return home. To tell you the truth, I announced I was going to get a driver's license last time I was on the program, but you know, actually I'm still far from it. That won't do, Utada!! Anywayz! That's why I'm here writing this now!

Yesterday I was on Mr. Chris "Sexy☆Dynamite☆Voice" Peppler's live radio program of J-WAVE and I was a little low-spirited while on the air, since I had been feverish from the night before, so I was helped by Mr. Peppler so much. Today I used up my energy all the more!! Yes, last night I slept very well and . . . thought I recovered pretty well but . . . I'm sleepy now, probably because I've just gone too wild in Yokohama . . . I've got many things to tell you, but I go to sleep for now as the rehearsal of MTV UNPLUGGED starts tomorrow!! It's very likely I'll get up at midnight or early in the morning if I go to bed now, so then I'll take my time and write various things.
At least I kept the promise this time~!! Yay, Yokohama!
Well talk to you later☆