Wednesday, April 18, 2001

this TANSU(bureau)?

I started this message off with a ridiculous pun title above, so ridiculous that it would be hard to believe this message came up right after that last tear-jerking, sweet message! You say "So you're trying to hide your embarrassment? How cute!"?? Well. Thank you very much for all your replies on my last message . . . I got a lot of emails telling me that that message moved them deeply, and those emails moved me deeply as well. I'm so happy that I can feel we are connecting with each other . . . (I was reading "Sasameyuki" till some time ago and that's why I'm speaking in this chaotic Kansai dialect! So simple-minded, huh??)

"You say so, but you updated the message here after a long, long delay, didn't you Hikaru-chan!"

Absolutely. My posting pace has dropped off in the last couple of months. I'm sorry to you guys checking here occasionally!!! Well, actually I was once determined to talk about the album thing here, but I found I couldn't make much progress on it as I had a feeling I had already talked about it as much as I could in magazine interviews . . . so, I know I'm late, but here let me write about my impressions of your impressions on it! First, I found a lot of people liked oddities like "Drama," and I'm very pleased with this as their real parent!! Yes!! And also I found many of you wrote me that seems like I grew up a lot compared to the first album era . . . Hey guys! It's just normal!! I was 15 when I made the last one and now I'm 18. Girls grow up most rapidly at those ages I suppose? Honestly I'm very shy about those processes of me growing-up seen by Nippon people. Lately I've been thinking objectively the magical charm of "First Love" might be that of which is proper to "children" . . . Are you trying to pose as an adult all of a sudden, Utada! You're still far from it. Tehee.

That's all I can think of to tell you right now, cause I've fully talked about the songs' content, theme and others in magazines. I may start talking deeply about a specific song when I suddenly take it into my mind to do so, little by little! If you have anything you want to know, then just ask me about it any time.

I promise next time I'll write here again soon! This month, is now called "Hit-the-Pace Month"! Whooop!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Sasameyuki" ... a novel written by Junichiro Tanizaki, a Japanese writer.